Chi siamo

Working together

WHO WE ARE Ceraselle S.C. is an independent firm based in Spain and inspired by contemporary artistic jewellery using local materials such as leather and ceramics. We love to create jewellery that every woman can wear and customize according to her personal style, the time of year or simply the whim of the moment! 

Customizing jewellery inspires us all the time! 

ITALIAN DESIGNERS. We are Ilaria de Pasquale and Marica Vazzana from Naples and Catanzaro respectively, a very southern Italian combination! This partnership began 15 years ago directing our creativity, personal experiences, studies and passion for pottery into Ceraselle S.C. Jewellery. 

People know we are Italian as soon as they see our designs! 

We are proud of our origins because being Italian makes us a recognizable brand. We first met in Naples where we lived and studied architecture together at Federico II University and attended several art workshops in the historical city centre. 

HANDMADE JEWELLERY MADE IN SPAIN. After graduating we worked as architects in Sevilla and decided to set up our own business there, a jewellery company inspired by contemporary design, using two wonderful local materials, ceramics and leather. We design each piece of jewellery with the same passion and precision that we were taught in Italy, using a wide range of software in combination with traditional pottery techniques.